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Connect birth families and adopted children

A birth parent might be looking for the child they relinquished to adoption many years ago.  An adopted child might be trying to find his or her birth parents/siblings/family.  A sister or brother could be in search of a sibling who was adopted into another family.  Maybe an adoptive couple is looking for the birth mother of the child they adopted due to health reasons, emotional support for the child, or other personal reasons.  These cases are often some of the most difficult, but also the most rewarding.

As stated elsewhere, Rachele' adopted her son and holds these kinds of investigations very near to her heart.  The kindness, patience, and understanding you'll receive from her goes above and beyond what many other investigators provide.  These kinds of investigations can be wrought with hesitancy, insecurity, disappointment, anger, frustration, anticipation, and the unknown.  It is a very difficult decision just to pick up the phone and call an investigator to inquire about any adoption-related matter.  Rachele' understands this and guides you gently through the process, only going as far as you prefer.

Due to the sensitive nature of these investigations, Rachele' has a very strict policy that when she finds a birth parent or adoptee, she only discloses permissible information.  This sometimes means the subject of the investigation doesn't want to be contacted at all, only wants limited communication, or needs some time to simply process the situation.  Regardless, each case is handled with professionalism, empathy, and confidentiality.  Rachele' does her best to act as both investigator and intermediary for these cases.

Uses for Adoption Searches:

  • birth parent looking for adopted child
  • adopted child looking for birth parent
  • sibling looking for adopted sibling
  • adopted person looking for potential siblings
  • grandparent looking for adopted grandchild

Helpful links for birth parents & adoptees:



A state-by-state listing of adoption search and support groups and associations.


Birth Mom Buds

A web-based organization that provides faith-based peer counseling, support, encouragement, and friendship to birth moms and pregnant women considering adoption.



A non-profit charitable organization that provides a mutual consent reunion registry for persons desiring a reunion with next-of-kin.  It serves those who have been separated by adoption, divorce, foster care, institutional care, abandonment, crisis, and other circumstances.


Yahoo Birthmother's Support Group

This group accepts birthmothers, birthfathers, birthmothers-to-be, and pregnant mothers who are considering adoption.  This is a great place to talk with other birthmothers/birthfathers about your questions, concerns, fears, experiences, etc.


Missouri Adoption Law

Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 453, Adoption and Foster Care


Missouri Adoption Reunion Registry

This service, provided by Missouri Children's Division, allows adult adoptees, biological parents, and adult siblings to register their desire to find each other and permission to be contacted by each other upon voluntary registration of all parties to the adoption.


Cyndi's List

A comprehensive, categorized, and cross-referenced list of links that point you to adoption research sites online.  Subcategories include:  DNA; General Resources; Locality Specific; Professionals, Volunteers, & Other Research Services; Publications, Software, & Supplies; Social Networking; Societies & Groups; Finding Living People; Newspapers; Orphans; and Queries & Message Boards. This is THE resource for adoption-related matters.