Find missing person

People searches include a whole host of scenarios that include but are not limited to lost loves, runaways, witness locates, client locates, old friends, missing persons, and adoption-related locates (listed in more detail on the Connecting Biological Families and Adoptive Children page).

Person searches are some of the most enjoyable investigations since they can involve a happy reunion for people who have lost touch for various reasons.  Finding people can sometimes be as simple as using a private investigator database and locating a current address.  It can also be extremely difficult when it seems as though a person has vanished into thin air.  Regardless of the challenge level, Rachele' looks and keeps looking.

Uses for People Searches:

  • relative or friend gone missing

  • lost love

  • high school boyfriend/girlfriend

  • adoption search for a biological family member or adoptee

  • former employees of a company

  • victims or witnesses

  • hero

  • relative qualified for inheritance

  • runaway

  • military buddy