Find missing person

People searches include a whole host of scenarios for the private investigator.  When a person search involves a debtor/debtee relationship, this is a different kind of search known as skip tracing.  New Hope Investigations does not perform skip tracing services, but is happy to refer you to an investigator who specializes in skip tracing.  NHI conducts all other kinds of person searches including, but not limited to, lost loves, runaways, witness locates, client locates, old friends, missing persons, and adoption-related locates (listed in more detail on the Connecting Birth Parents and Adoptive Children page).

Person searches are some of the most enjoyable investigations since they often involve a happy reunion for people who have lost touch for various reasons.  Finding people can sometimes be as simple as using a private investigator database and locating a current address.  It can also be extremely difficult when it seems as though a person has vanished into thin air.  Regardless of the challenge level, Rachele' looks and keeps looking.

Uses for People Searches:

  • relative or friend gone missing
  • lost love
  • high school boyfriend/girlfriend
  • adoption-related search for a birth parent or adoptee
  • former employees of a company
  • victims or witnesses
  • hero
  • relative qualified for inheritance
  • runaway
  • military buddy