Here are what a few clients have to say about the services they received at New Hope Investigations:

New Hope Investigations helped me find my father whom I had never met. The results came in very quickly and were 100% accurate. I called my father and had so many questions answered that I had always wondered about. I couldn’t have found him without New Hope Investigations. They provided professional service and my favorite part is that it was completely confidential.
— Andrew, Monett, MO
When I was younger, I worked at a home for troubled youth. I befriended a young man there who I kept in touch with for several years before losing contact. After a decade of trying to locate him, I came to New Hope Investigations for help. Rachele’ found him within an hour and I’ve since been able to renew contact. I’m thrilled with the results I received from New Hope Investigations.
— Gabrielle, Fort Scott, KS

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