Specialty Areas

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Rachele’ Davis

Licensed Private Investigator

our story

NHI was founded at the start of 2016 by Rachele’ Davis, a former crime analyst for her local police department.  After seven years in local government and seven years prior to that as a teacher, Rachele’ found herself drawn to the private sector of investigations and the challenge of building her own business.  Her master's degree in criminal justice, resourcefulness, productivity level, and innovation have already served her well in this capacity.

Rachele’ obtained her private investigator licenses through both Missouri and Kansas in 2016.  In addition to the specialty areas listed above, Rachele' also provides some general investigative services on a case-by-case basis.  She works in various capacities for individuals, attorneys, and businesses.  Rachele' regularly stays up-to-date with current trends and changes in the industry.  She pours over the ever-changing social media and open source (OSINT) environments and stays informed of their continual evolvement.

To enhance her adoption investigations, Rachele’ continues to learn more and more about the complex and fascinating field of genealogy. She is a member of American Adoption Congress, Association of Professional Genealogists, International Society of Genetic Genealogy, and National Genealogical Society.

With New Hope Investigations, you will receive the best treatment.  Each case is handled with transparency, confidentiality, professionalism, and efficiency, all with a personal touch.  Give Rachele’ a call today for a free consultation.  Her kindness and friendly demeanor will put you at ease quickly and help you determine if your need requires the services of a private investigator.

our mission

If it matters to you, it matters to New Hope Investigations.  Our private investigator offers thorough investigative services, honest communication, and a chance to find answers to your questions.  New Hope is more than a private investigator making a living.  It is an investigator’s endeavor to create a professional relationship with a personal touch that fosters innovation, deep satisfaction, a streamlined process, and an enthusiasm to help others reconnect with the people who matter to them.

Our purpose

Including genealogy, social media, open sources, and public records, as well as a strong commitment to highly valued training, our investigator stays in pace with the rapidly changing profession of intelligence-gathering.  We focus primarily on adoption searches, researching and locating people, and also diligent adoption searches for attorneys.  New Hope is additionally equipped to provide some other general investigative services.

examples of What WE DO (not an exhaustive list)

  • I am an attorney and need an investigator to regularly perform diligent adoption searches for my firm.

  • I need to know if there is anything online about my spouse that would be useful in my upcoming divorce proceedings.

  • I'm adopted and would really like to find my birth parents.

  • I am trying to find someone who doesn't want to be found.

  • My attorney says we have to find my son's birth father before his adoption will go through.

  • As an attorney, I regularly need an investigator to locate clients and witnesses.

  • My local police department says the trail has gone cold in my uncle’s missing persons’ case.

  • Before I marry this girl, I want to make sure she’s not just marrying me for my money.

  • My husband and I need to find a trustworthy and competent nanny for our daughter.

  • My client left a fortune to his nephew, but I can't seem to track him down.

  • My family hasn't heard from my sister in three months.

  • I want to find my high school sweetheart.

  • I want to check out my daughter's new boyfriend.