Diligent Adoption Search for Attorneys

In adoption matters, if the identity of a birth parent is known but his or her location is unknown, a diligent adoption search must be performed by a qualified individual in order for an attorney to prove all viable steps were taken to find the missing party.  In a diligent search that ends with no successful location information, an affidavit must be completed by the investigator.  The purpose for this kind of search is to find a birth parent in order to proceed with an adoption.

Rachele' and her husband hired a private investigator to conduct a diligent adoption search through their attorney when they were adopting their son.  The investigator found their son's birth father and, as a result, the adoption proceedings were able to be carried out.  After being on the receiving end of a diligent adoption search and an adoption, Rachele' obtained her private investigator license and wanted to provide this same service to other prospective adoptive parents.

Some of the most important aspects of a diligent adoption search are consistency, lawful and ethical methods, professional report writing, and due diligence.  Rachele' is extremely qualified in this area as a highly organized, professional, ethical, and knowledgable investigator.  She is very easy to work with, timely, and dependable.

Uses for Diligent Adoption Searches:

  • proving a diligent search was conducted to find a birth parent per state mandate prior to adoption proceedings
  • conducting a professional search and completing an affidavit when appropriate