10 Things Great Private Investigators Do Differently

I have a list of fellow private investigators who I admire greatly and work to emulate because I really respect them as people and as professionals.

It’s a short list.

Don’t misunderstand. There are many solid private investigators out there who do really great work. I’m just narrowing it further to those few private investigators who really outpace and outshine the rest of us. The ones who could very nearly make a living at simply coaching us on how to do it.

This list solely reflects my own opinions, which are based upon my observations of the short-listers, as I like to call them. It’s also how I strive to conduct myself every day and is good motivation for us all.

Great private investigators:

  1. Have an unmatched work ethic

  2. Are highly transparent

  3. Are not only unafraid of competition, but actively root for their success

  4. Regularly interact with other private investigators

  5. Generously share their ideas with others

  6. Participate and contribute to their industry through conferences, publications, associations, etc.

  7. Timely respond to all inquiries

  8. Openly invite mentorship opportunities

  9. Never stop learning

  10. Are calculated risk takers

If you want to be a great private investigator, emulate the greats and start with just one goal from the list above. It’s good practice for all of us.

P.S. This goes for all business persons, not just private investigators.