10 Ways Private Investigators Are Different From Regular Folk

Disclaimer - The following are broad generalities that are not necessarily true for all private investigators:

  1. We background check new people who come into our lives and into our kids’ lives.

  2. We inconspicuously interrogate family, friends, our children, and our children’s friends regularly, whether we mean to or not.

  3. We beef up our home security via alarm systems, video monitors, and other such gadgets. We also religiously lock doors and windows on our houses and vehicles.

  4. We are naturally highly skeptical of others.

  5. We keep our kids from social media and personal devices for longer than the average parent.

  6. The circle of people we trust is quite small.

  7. We secretly relish in the fact that those around us are just a wee bit leery of us simply because we hold the title of “private investigator”. It makes us laugh.

  8. We are masters at getting to the nitty gritty. We can also guide others to that same nitty gritty at a pretty fast clip.

  9. Friends regularly offer to ride along with us on “stakeouts” just for the fun of it. Besides law enforcement, there are few professions out there that fall into the category of “my friends want to come to work with me and watch me work.”

  10. We have a license to stalk.