Private Investigator Training

One of my top priorities as a new private investigator was kick-starting my newfound career with solid training.  I quickly discovered that there is no standardized training program for private investigators.  So I created my own self-training program with a combination of books, blogs, webinars, conferences, and classes.  Some of my favorites can be found in this previous blog post.

I want to dive deeper into specific training that is available to all private investigators out there, from the aspiring PI to the most seasoned.  I would love for any of you reading this blog post to share some of your favorite training with the rest of us if it’s not already included below.  I’m always looking for opportunities to learn more about my industry and sharpen my skills.

Here is MY top five list of recommended private investigator training in no particular order:

  1. - varied costs

    Investigative Research Methods Using Advanced Internet Profiling & Intelligence                        Gathering Through Online Resources
    Michele Stuart
    Open trainings sometimes available, but most trainings are through specific             organizations
  2. - $499.95

    Open Source Intelligence Master Class
    Brian Willingham
    Self-paced video series offered through Pursuit Institute
  3. - free

    Investigation Strategies from Industry Experts
    Kelly Paxton, Cynthia Hetherington, Brian Willingham, Kelly Riddle, & others
    Over 100 webinars offered through i-Sight
  4. - $799.00

    Osmosis Annual Conference
    2017 Speakers - Jeff Bedser, David Benford, Mike Dores, Cynthia Hetherington, Josh         Huff, Cynthia Navarro, Kirby Plessas, Paul Raffile, Amber Schroader, Justin Seitz, &         Emmanuelle Welch
    October 8-11, 2017 conference that offers open source intelligence training
  5. - $1,150.00 members main conference or $1,400.00 non-members with cheaper virtual conference alternatives available

    Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Annual Conference
    2017 Speakers - Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Dr. Samuel Foote, Andrew Jennings, Cliff         Lansley, Eric O’Neil, & Eugene Soltes, plus about 90 additional educational speakers
    June 18-23, 2017 conference that offers insights on anti-fraud issues