Why "Above and Beyond" Matters

Calling All Business Owners

This simple piece of advice holds true for, well, every business owner everywhere.

Regardless of industry, experience, location, or size, going above and beyond, taking that extra step with clients and customers will make all the difference. It will elevate your business from good to great.

Take a peek at Chick-Fil-A. Their model is one of crazy efficiency, extreme politeness, and attentive customer service. They are a well-oiled machine.

Maybe you’ve heard about that one time when Morton’s caught wind of a customer’s tweet about having a steak waiting for him when he landed at the airport, and Morton’s actually sent a tuxedoed waiter to the terminal, steak in hand.

There are numerous stories in which companies go above and beyond. Some of these are single instances in which the gesture is grand, whereas others are really awesome daily practices that become second-nature.

They both have their place.

The point is… business owners should always be seeking out avenues to go above and beyond for their clients and customers. Always.

What Counts As “Above and Beyond”?

An overarching theme for business owners who want to graduate from good to great should be personalization. Every business owner should ask how they can make their client’s experience more personal. How can you better cater to your clients’ needs? Not every client is the same, so don’t treat them like they are.

Business owners should listen to clients. Listen to their needs, requests, problems, and feedback. Then do everything you can to fulfill or fix them.

Now here’s a kicker. If you aren’t able to fully satisfy a customer, you shouldn’t just “do your part” and let them go. You should instead do your part, then provide other resources that will fully satisfy them. Go the extra mile. Point them in the direction of someone else or some other resource that can finish up what you started.

Every business owner should be both frequent and available with communication. If a customer has a question/comment/concern, address it as quickly as possible. Don’t make them jump through 18 hoops either. And, for the love, make it easy for every customer to speak with an actual human being. No one appreciates spending two hours hunting through a shoddy website for a phone number, making their way through a series of automated voice prompts, then being subjected to terrible music while on hold, only to be cut off and forced to start the entire process all over again.

A text or email is a good start, but nothing shows more attentiveness and care than a handwritten note. There are still post offices where letters can be delivered right to a doorstep. And it costs a mere forty-nine cents.

Create an experience unique to your company that makes you stand out from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to get creative and do something completely abnormal for your industry either. Be a stand out.

Why It’s Worth It

Going above and beyond for clients and customers is totally worth it for a few reasons.

First, it shows you’re a good human and you care. You genuinely want your customers to enjoy a superior experience with your company and they genuinely appreciate it. An “above and beyond” mentality makes everybody feel good.

Second, it’s good for business. For every customer who has an “above and beyond” experience with your company, you’ve just gained a raving fan for life. Raving fans tell their friends and family about your company. They jump at the chance to refer anyone they know to you because you treated them so well.

And third, it elevates your reputation. Nobody wants to be known as the crappy company that values money above people, seeks out shortcuts, or doesn’t fulfill their promises. In business, reputation can be everything.

So be a brand that holds true to a crazy awesome reputation and don’t be afraid to go above and beyond for every client every time. You’ll like yourself for it, your company will thrive, and your clients will like you for it too. A lot.