Small But Mighty

A Lesson From My Son

We’ve had about four dreary days in a row. Low 50s, drizzle, dark. With a three-year-old in the house, this somehow equals an energy level times two (from him, not me).

Earlier today, I found myself cowering in the upstairs hallway from my son who was about to chuck a tennis ball at my head through hysterical giggles. We had been making all kinds of raucous all afternoon.

He is small, but he is mighty.

The OSMOSIS Conference

Last week, I attended The Hetherington Group’s fourth annual OSMOSIS (Online Social Media and Open Source Investigation Summit) conference in Las Vegas. I felt very much like a small fish in a big pond.

There were so many talented minds in attendance. It was intimidating, but inspiring.

Much of the training involved investigating the dark web, digital intelligence, and other equally fascinating, but enormous topics. (For a fabulous summary, see Brian Willingham’s write-up here).

For a solo private investigator with quite a specialized niche of adoption searches, I am small in the world of open source investigations.

So I started thinking about the many others out there who are much like me.

If You’re Small, Choose Mighty

I’ve been a licensed private investigator for two years and six months. In that time, I’ve carved out a niche for myself that aligns with my strengths, interests, and passions.

I’m successfully running a profitable business from a home office that has provided the flexibility I need to raise my young son, who is my world.

I love to write. By the end of this year, I will have written over 75 blog posts for this blog.

I’ve never been more fulfilled professionally.

New Hope Investigations is small. It’s a force of one. But that force is mighty.

If you’re like me and you’re feeling a tiny bit small or intimidated by those around you, professionally or even personally, don’t stay small because you feel small. Choose mighty.

Someone who is mighty isn’t necessarily someone who possesses great power. But it is someone who possesses impressive strength, especially on account of their size.