What Shooting Zombies Taught Me About the Usefulness of Private Investigators

Every year, my husband and I go “haunted housing” with the same group of friends. I’ve successfully grown out of most of my youthful activities, but this is not one of them. I still love a good haunted house.

This year’s festivities led us to The Castle of Muskogee, a Halloween festival and time-honored tradition in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The festival boasts food and drink vendors, shops, and 11 different Halloween attractions, rated from kid-friendly up to extremely scary.

Our group, of course, chose the three scariest attractions - Domus Horrificus, Trail of Blood, and Dark Tower Zombie Hunt.

Domus Horrificus proved to be the traditional indoor haunted house while Trail of Blood took place in the dark and quiet woods, an excellent environment for extremely startling scares.

If you’ve never walked through a haunted house, it’s probably exactly what you imagine it to be - scary ghouls around every corner, jumping out to scare you, or chasing you along a path to the next scare. You and your friends huddled together at a slow pace, frantically looking left to right, desperately trying to steel your mind for the next fright.

I don’t know why I still love haunted houses so much. It’s a combination of scare, adrenalin, and fun, I suppose. I also love a good mystery novel and a killer scary movie.

As we made our way through the final attraction, Dark Tower Zombie Hunt, it felt different with an added component. With a gun in my hands, I was no longer the hunted, but the hunter. I felt empowered, confident, and ready to take some zombies down.

The zombie hunt proved to be the most fun I’ve had in awhile.

The following day, I was describing to my sister the fun I’d had the night before. As I was telling her about how the zombie attraction felt so differently with a gun in my hands, I had a thought about myself as a private investigator.

We all go through this same life together. At times, it’s scary, unpredictable, and riddled with unknowns. Sometimes we have no choice but to huddle closely with our friends and family and timidly make our way down the path, searching left and right for the next surprise. It’s all we can do.

Other times, we have the ability to arm ourselves with a tool that allows us to move more confidently forward, knowing that whatever jumps out at us will be eradicated with the use of that tool.

Private investigators are that tool. We can be used by people who find themselves in situations where they bounce from one unpredictable situation to the next with seeming little control over the outcomes. We are tools that can be used to allow our clients to more confidently move forward in the situation they currently find themselves in.

We are the guns in a zombie apocalypse. We are the game changers.

For more information on how you can use a private investigator as a tool to help you, check out my earlier blog post entitled, What Can A Private Investigator Do For Me?